A collision of past and present worlds and a homage to Māori & Pacific peoples. Illustrations rendered in the graphic visual style of classic arcade games reveal the societal battles Māori & Polynesian people have fought and continue to face. Evoking nostalgia as a means of questioning negative realities with positive memories to examine the glitches in NZ history.

"Conceptually, nostalgia is the recycling of positive memories, to battle negative realities - a tool that we use for accommodating our personal grief. However, we wanted to extend it beyond ourselves and create works dedicated to Māori & Polynesian resilience. When we visualized battles in a nostalgic context, our childhood led us to classic arcade fighting games."

"The works convert heavy topics through a light approach to educate, engage and eternize these stories, without diverting from facts - which is how we communicate culturally and personally. Numbers, text, colours and symbolism throughout are thought out to allow people to retain and recall these battles. We wanted to take popular culture for Māori & Polynesian history to stand on - and ask why these images are familiar, but these stories are not."


Heading 6