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CALL OR SEE EM, 2018-2020

"We connect on a level deeper than undersea fibre cables - we both lost our Dads. We use positive nostalgia to accommodate our grief and upon exploring the core of our use, we landed upon the wishing state. The state of wishing to appreciate the past and people more, knowing our present realities. This created the pulse for Call Or See Em to be embodied as a stylized take on a wishing well (de)constructed out of recycled VHS tapes."

Wishing wells are bodies of water, believed to contain the possibility of granting an expressed wish. European folklore share a mutual respect and belief with Māori & Polynesians; water is considered sacred, a source of life and contain healing properties. Māori & Polynesians also refer to the water/sea as energy with characteristics aligning with grief; it can be calm and life giving but, it can also be rough and destructive.

Calls at sea can be communicated through flag signals and/or Morse code. Visitors are invited to board the Call Or See Em installation and make a call for a loved one that has passed on, only using Morse code.